White Flag (白旗 Shirahata) is the term used to refer to an international signal of surrender and one of the key parts of the idea of clean wars.


Modern wars are not all-out wars, being focused on the fight between each side's Objects. Once one side's Object has been destroyed the victor has clearly been decided, so the commander of the losing side will transmit the White Flag signal. Since pursuing and killing all remaining enemy units would be a waste of time and resources, this generally means the losing side is spared.

It's important to note that no treaty has been formally made about this regard and it remains as merely a custom of the modern battlefield and not a rule to be followed.[1] As it is meant for emergencies, it shouldn't be used frequently.[2]


Heavy ObjectEdit

Following the Baby Magnum's defeat against the Water Strider, the latter chose to ignore the White Flag and continued to attack the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion.[3]

Judgement -195℃Edit

The 37th was deployed against the Garuda because of its abuse of the White Flag, which risked ruining it.[2]

The Three Sisters who Pull In a God of WarEdit

After the Norn was severely damaged by the long-range ablative shell fired by the Baby Magnum, its unit sent out the White Flag.[4] However as the 37th were investigating the Object and captured one of its pilots, Skuld Silent-Third, the remaining two reconstructed the Norn and resumed combat.[5] When the tables began to turn against it again, it sent out the White Flag once more and retreated.[6]