Oh ho ho
Name in Japanese おほほ
Rōmaji Translation Ohoho
» Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 06
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 1
Debut (Manga) Heavy Object S Chapter 07
Voice Actor (Japanese) Hisako Kanemoto
Voice Actor (English) Monica Rial
» Personal Info
Gender Female
Age Around 10 [1][2]
Birthplace New York, Chesapeake
Height Approx. 130cm [1]
Public appearance: 163 cm
Weight Public appearance: 48 kg
Relatives Royce (father)
Classification Elite
Affiliation/s Information Alliance
Sky Dog(br) 3rd C.E.B.
Status Active

"Oh ho ho" (おほほ, Ohoho)(real name unknown) is an Information Alliance Elite, pilot of the Object Gatling 033, also known as Rush. She is referred to by the protagonists as "Oh ho ho" because of her distinctive laugh.[3]


"Oh ho ho", contrary to her usual projected appearance, is actually a girl of around 10, about 130cm tall,[1][2] with blonde hair.[4] She wears a special pilot suit, described as being designed like a white school swimsuit worn over a skintight red under-suit covering her entire body.[1]

The appearance that is projected to the public is that of a mature girl with a G-cup chest.[4][5][1]


"Oh ho ho" has a mocking and domineering personality, prone to laughter and somewhat haughty. She's shown to be interested in Quenser.


"Oh ho ho"'s background is largely unknown, but she is known to have been born in New York, in the Information Alliance's Chesapeake District.[6]

The descriptions suggest she is the daughter of Royce, a journalist.[7]


Heavy ObjectEdit

During the coalition operation against the dictatorship in Oceania, "Oh ho ho" and Gatling 033 were sent on behalf of the Information Alliance, fighting alongside the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion. She frequently mocked Milinda Brantini during the operation, and later prevented the Baby Magnum from going to help Quenser and Heivia against the Generation 0.5, following Councilor Flide's deception.[5][8][9][10]

An Audition WarEdit

When the Mass Driver Conglomerate was holding out in the Amazon city, intending to join forces with the Information Alliance, "Oh ho ho" was getting ready to deploy the Gatling 033 from the Parima district, being about half an hour away from heading out when contacted by Lendy Farolito.[11][12]

Global ShadowEdit

"Oh ho ho" and the Gatling 033 fought with Milinda and the Baby Magnum, mocking and taunting her along the way. When her Object was undergoing maintenance,[13] Quenser managed to enter the cockpit and held her at knifepoint, but was knocked off balance when the strategic AI moved the Gatling 033.[1] After Quenser was incapacitated by the Gatling 033's movements, "Oh ho ho" continued the battle against the Baby Magnum, but Quenser managed to force her to take the strategic AI offline by having it fed erroneous information and seize up. She was then tricked by Quenser into ejecting under the belief that a bomb was set up in the cockpit.[14][15]

"Oh ho ho" was later assigned to a replacement Gatling 033 and was present when Wydine Uptown reported to Lendy Farolito.[2]

A Requiem for the Flowers Blooming in the Field (Anime-Only)Edit

"Oh ho ho" was present for the exchange of Klondike between the world powers in the Alps, during which she had another confrontational conversation with Milinda and was annoyed when she imitated her laugh. When Flide warped Milinda's perception with the Mirror of Truth, she initially fought back against the rampaging Baby Magnum,[16] but left the Gatling 033 under AI control to see an injured Quenser when her unit recovered him and Heivia after they were caught in the crossfire.[17]

She listened to the explanation about the Mirror of Truth and glared as Lendy mentioned how the stolen technology was meant to be used to control troublesome Elites. When Quenser left to save Milinda, whom the higher-ups looked to be giving up on, "Oh ho ho" tried to persuade him to defect and join her with the promise of being able to fulfill his dream of being an Object designer. She was dismayed when Quenser declined the appealing offer, asking him if Milinda was so important to him, but agreed to help Quenser when he realized a way to disable the Baby Magnum without killing Milinda, in exchange for him promising to do one thing she asked of him next time they met.[17]

On the battlefield, "Oh ho ho" cooperated with Quenser's plan in luring the Baby Magnum into ingesting CVD materials into its cannon barrels, displaying anger towards Milinda when his truck was nearly hit. After Milinda was safely ejected from the disabled Baby Magnum, she briefly asked Quenser how he was able to avoid being hit before reminding him that she would be holding him to his promise. At some point afterwards, she received a present from Lendy.[17]

Theoretical VeinEdit

While the 37th were on break in a city in Oceania, "Oh ho ho" unknowingly played against Milinda at an Information Alliance Object arcade game, choosing her Gatling 033 against Milinda's Baby Magnum. The two never realized the identity of their opponent, but were bugged by the other and continued playing against them, with "Oh ho ho" eventually leaving after 50 wins and 53 losses and falling down not long after.[18]

Purge of TechnopicsEdit

Since the Gatling 033 was one of the Objects stationed around the Olympia Dome as a guard for the Technopics, it can be assumed its pilot was also present as well.[19]

The Police of GhostsEdit

While preparing for a concert in Oceania, "Oh ho ho" contacted Milinda in order to taunt her, mentioning she was preparing to make Quenser hers.[20] She later sent an invitation code for net concert to Quenser via e-mail, adding that she'd shoot him on the battlefield if he didn't watch it.[21]

Later, as the MIB were aiming to take over Oceania, "Oh ho ho" was among the various people who acted to counteract the MIB's deception.[22]

The Outer GodsEdit

"Oh ho ho" and the Gatling 033 participated in the Gigant Hustler. When the Baby Magnum ran into difficulty, "Oh ho ho" took advantage of it to attack, mocking Milinda as she did so and talking about the 'reset button' they held with the ECM110. After the Mobius Infinity's destruction, the other Objects sided with the Baby Magnum and turned on her Object, forcing her to order the ECM110 to use their 'reset button', exposing the truth of the battle and forcing it to end.[23]

Project Whiz KidEdit

Manhattan on StageEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As an Elite, "Oh ho ho" is trained and calibrated in order to operate her Object, the Gatling 033. She also has a degree of skill with manipulating the people's opinions through information,[22] and is a skilled and popular idol.