Name in Japanese ナッツレイ
Rōmaji Translation Nattsurei
» Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 17
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 3
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yasuaki Takumi
Voice Actor (English) Josh Grelle
» Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s 24th MMB
Status Deceased

Nutley (ナッツレイ Nattsurei) was a spy for the 24th Mobile Maintenance Battalion, who posed as a battlefield student with the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion.[1][2]


Nutley is described as a black boy.[1]


Nutley is described as overly-familiar and his language can apparently be crass but with oddly precise enunciation. Quenser describes him as the kind of person he could see drinking tequila at any time. He apparently has an interest in small machines.[1]


At some point in time, Nutley became a spy for Prizewell City Slicker's 24th Mobile Maintenance Battalion and infiltrated the 37th, posing as a battlefield student.[1][2]


Global ShadowEdit

Nutley was part of the support group for the nighttime attack on the mine on the Kamchatka Peninsula.[1] As the operation was progressing, he betrayed the group, killing Charles and shooting Quenser and Charlotte Zoom, destroying their equipment before making his escape.[3]

He later came after the survivors in a powered suit after they entered the mine,[4] but was ultimately killed when Quenser used his Hand Axe explosive to fire diamonds at his suit.[5]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Nutley was capable of using firearms and operating powered suits, as well as being deceptive during infiltration.[1][4]



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