Milinda Brantini
Milinda Brantini.jpg
Name in Japanese ミリンダ=ブランティーニ
Rōmaji Translation Mirinda Burantīni
» Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 01
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 1
Debut (Manga) Heavy Object Chapter 1
Appears in Light novels, manga, anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Eri Suzuki
Voice Actor (English) Alexis Tipton
» Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 14 [1]
Birthplace Unknown [2]
Height 155 cm [2]
Weight 39 kg [2]
Vital Statistics (in cm) 79/56/80 [2]
Classification Elite
First Lieutenant [2]
Affiliation/s Legitimacy Kingdom
37th CMB
Status Active

Milinda Brantini (ミリンダ=ブランティーニ Mirinda Burantīni) is an elite Object pilot, and is famous under the alias "Elite Princess". She pilots the Object named "Baby Magnum", an all-terrain Object.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

A Brantini is a cocktail, comprised of brandy, vermouth and gin.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Milinda is a young girl with white skin, fluffy blonde hair and light sky blue eyes, lightened by long-term exposure to the Object's infra-red input laser. She wears an indigo blue skintight pilot suit, starting at her neck and covering her hands and feet, with boots and gloves connected with fasteners. Over her suit, she wears a black armored vest and a type of pocket spread out like a miniskirt, the two of which are attached when she is piloting her Object. The neck of her suit has a sailor uniform collar attached.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

She is described by Quenser as a "kind but weird girl" who still believes in morale and good-luck charms despite the lack of need due to how battles are usually fought in the Second World.

After becoming friends with Quenser, it is hinted in several occasions that Milinda is romantically interested in him (e.g. showing signs of jealousy when she sees him with another woman) which Heivia and Ayami seem to notice.

She has a somewhat sheltered view of the world beyond piloting an Object. She's not interested in using her femininity or sex appeal to get male attention,[3] and she didn't know what a swimsuit was when she went swimming in Oceania, fully intending to swim using her water-resistant Elite suit and completely oblivious to Quenser and her bodyguard unit's shock.[4]

Background[edit | edit source]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Heavy Object[edit | edit source]

An Audition War[edit | edit source]

Global Shadow[edit | edit source]

Theoretical Vein[edit | edit source]

The Coming of Third Generation[edit | edit source]

In January, while Quenser and Heivia were away from the 37th on the Cook Islands, Milinda and the Baby Magnum were stationed in South Africa.[5] Not long afterwards, while the two were serving in the Background Unit, she took part in an Object battle, facing the Snipe Laser 051 in the Athabasca District.[6] She was apparently very interested in the whereabouts of Quenser and Heivia while they were transferred away from the 37th before being transferred back due to no other unit being able to handle them.[7]

The Police of Ghosts[edit | edit source]

Dominion 70%[edit | edit source]

Judgement -195℃[edit | edit source]

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Short Story[edit | edit source]

The Circumstances Leading to a Certain Magical Heavy Zashiki Warashi’s Simple Killer Queen's Marriage[edit | edit source]

Milinda, Quenser and Heivia were some of the heroes summoned of Norse mythology for the crossover. The Baby Magnum was summoned with them. Several errors caused by the sudden transfer initially prevented Milinda from communicating with the others.

Milinda and her Baby Magnum proved to be one of the most valuable members of the group thanks to her huge firepower. She initially fought the black dragon Níðhöggr in even terms despite the multiple transfer-induced bugs of her Object. The Baby Magnum was the one to finish off Niflheim's ice soldier during the hero's quest for money. During the climatic fight with the shadows, Milinda and the Baby Magnum fought the Gatling 033, lost two cannons fighting Accelerator, and were overwhelmed and used as a giant flail by the White Queen.

In the end, the three characters returned to their original world thanks to Index's spell using the characteristics of all series, including Milinda's Baby Magnum's JPlevelMHD reactor.

Skills and Abilities[edit | edit source]

As an Elite, Milinda is trained and calibrated in order to operate her Object, the Baby Magnum. Like all other Elites she has been modified to sustain the strong Gs result of piloting the huge mass of an Object at high speeds, though she also needs to use the special skintight Elite pilot suit.[1]

Milinda's mental capabilities have also been enhanced beyond those of an standard genius.[1] For example, as an Elite, Milinda can observe the slight movements of an enemy Object's cannons and targeting equipment to predict and dodge attacks that would otherwise be too fast to react to, like laser beams that travel at the speed of light. She was also able to solve the randomized restricted three-body problem that was the basis of the Kali's defense system.[8]

As shown by her tuning sesion she can play the flute, and also the electric guitar.[9] According to Froleytia, she also has some knowledge of pole dancing.[3]

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