The Epilogue of Heavy Object: The Police of Ghosts.


Major EventsEdit

  • Froleytia listens to military reports detailing the operation to track down the remnants of MIB and the investigation of their secret bases and amplification facilities. She then gives the order to destroy the other two Early States and the amplification facilities so that MIB's technology doesn't fall in the hands of any of the world powers. After that she starts to wonder where the gold stolen by MIB could be, but decides it's a dangerous train of thought.
  • Upon arrival to their base Quenser and Heivia begin planning how to peep on the female showers, but they are eventually interrupted and chased around by a military vehicle carrying Foleytia. Later during their punishment Quenser and Heivia talk about MIB and the world previous to the collapse of the UN, thinking they could ask Ayami about it.







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