Honor is Priceless >> Emergency Interception at Victoria Island is the third chapter of Heavy Object: Global Shadow.


Major EventsEdit

  • The 37th are deployed to defeat the rogue 24th, led by the extremist Prizewell City Slicker, at Victoria Island. However the Indigo Plasma and its accompanying Objects manage to destroy two of the intercepting Objects and heavily damage the Baby Magnum.
  • As the enemy Objects head for the immigrant city, intending to slaughter its residents as an example, Ayami Cherryblossom leaves her post and tries to get her family to safety.
  • Quenser and Heivia realize that most of the enemy Objects are in fact dummies. Enlisting the aid of Capitalist Corporations PMC, Battlefield Cleanup Service, they attempt to stop the enemies from reaching the city. After Quenser manages to destroy the dummies, the Baby Magnum's shot ignites the gas leaked from them and causes an explosion which incinerates the Indigo Plasma.


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Adapted in:

  • Anime: Episodes 20 - 22
  • Manga: Heavy Object A Chapters ?, 17 - ?



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