It is Only Natural to get Muddy in an Obstacle Course >> Battle to Control Antarctica is the first chapter of Heavy Object: An Audition War.


Major EventsEdit

  • While loading ammunition in a store room, Quenser and Heivia happen across an explicit video. While watching it, they are interrupted by a communication from Heivia's fiancé, who wished to know how he was, having not spoken to her since entering the military. Froleytia then borrows the two for an urgent mission.
  • Quenser and Heivia are sent to Antarctica to capture terrorists that targeted a Legitimacy Kingdom survey plane with a surface-to-air missile. They end up in a firefight with them, briefly interrupted by excitement over penguins. Afterwards, they come under fire from railguns installed by the enemy, but pull through with help from the Baby Magnum's supporting fire.
  • After dispatching the terrorists and their cannons, Quenser and Heivia learn that they were attempting to gain control of a satellite laser, attacking a lunar villa. The Legitimacy Kingdom intend to let it take out a Capitalist Corporations general, but after the two realize that Heivia's fiancé is also there, they alter the satellite's trajectory, facing a long lecture when they get back. Afterwards, Heivia reassures his fiancé.


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