Heavy Object Volume 02
An Audition War
Heavy Object v02
Title in Japanese ヘヴィーオブジェクト 採用戦争
Rōmaji Translation Hevi Obujekuto: Saiyou Sensou
Date of Release June 10, 2010 [1]
ISBN Numbers ISBN 4048685945
ISBN 978-4048685948
Price 659 Yen
Number of Pages 381 pages
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Heavy Object: An Audition War (ヘヴィーオブジェクト 採用戦争, Hevi Obujekuto: Saiyou Sensou, lit., "Adoption War") is the second volume of the Heavy Object light novel series. It was released on June 10, 2010.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

In this world remade by the enormous weapons called Objects, a fierce battle involving the use of space development technology unfolds. Quenser, who wants to life an efficient life, and Heivia, who is both a nobleman and an underling soldier, spend their days working hard under their gorgeous sadistic Japanophile officer Froleytia. After being charmed by the fascinating buttocks of the Elite pilot of the Legitimacy Kingdom's Object Baby Magnum, Milinda, their next mission involves... engaging a mysterious "stealth Object" with an invisible form!? From the South Pole plunged in ice to the ruins of Amazon City ruled by ferocious army ants, this delinquent soldier duo will always find themselves in every battlefield in this bright and refreshing near-future action series... that's for sure.

Chapter ListEdit

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1 - It is Only Natural to get Muddy in an Obstacle Course >> Battle to Control Antarctica
  • Chapter 2 - A Three Legged Race Up a Mountain is a Matter of Life and Death >> Battle of Shells in the Iguazu Mountains
  • Chapter 3 - In a Cavalry Battle, Destroy Your Opponent’s Footing >> Total War in Amazon City
  • Epilogue



Pg. Description Notes
N/A Froleytia Capistrano Front Cover Illustration
N/A Color Illustration 1
N/A Contents/Index with Object information
N/A Color Illustration 2, Character Profile
N/A Color Illustration 3, Spread
009 Black Opening Cover Start Cover
N/A Rear Cover


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