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The Legitimacy Kingdom's flag

The Legitimacy Kingdom (正統王国 Seitō Ōkoku) is one of the four main powers that the world is divided between after the fall of the United Nations, home to the main characters of Heavy Object.


The most important thing for the Legitimacy Kingdom is one's bloodline. It has been described as a kingdom that is a collection of cultures that wants to resurrect the old system where the legitimacy of one’s bloodline and honor determines one’s social standing.[1]


The Legitimacy Kingdom is made up of various sovereign countries, whose monarchs make up the Sovereign Parliament (君主議会 Kunshu Gikai) which leads the kingdom. These monarchs also listen to the opinions of a council (評議会 Hyōgi-kai) when making their decisions, these councilors holding the highest position an elected official with no royal blood can attain.[2]

The people of the Legitimacy Kingdom are divided by social class. On the top, there are the royal families, next come the nobles ordered by family status. Below them, there are the commoners, those without any noble blood. There used to be a slave class but it was abolished a few decades before the start of Heavy Object.[3] An example of the weight bloodlines carry on the Legitimacy Kingdom can be seen on the message board called Blue Blood, which only nobles with bloodlines continuing back for 300 years can enter.[4]

In order to ensure the validity of their bloodline social class system the Legitimacy Kingdom has taken measures such as the creation of the Lineage Department (血統局 Kettō-kyoku), a department officially cut from politics that's in charge of conducting DNA tests to nobles and to inheritors to the various monarchies that make up the Legitimacy Kingdom.[5]

The worst crimes you can commit in the Legitimacy Kingdom are any attempts against royalty. In fact, according to Legitimacy Kingdom law, it is not a crime to kill those who have betrayed the royals, the person who killed the criminal might even get a medal.[6] Criminals who have committed crimes like the abduction of royals would be chased even if they tried to escape to countries belonging to the other factions, and assassin teams might be sent out after them.

The Legitimacy Kingdom’s official language is primarily based on French with influences from the languages of the other European cultures. However, things like military jargon, programming languages and internet tags still often use English. This is a relic of the pre-Object era result of people considering it easier to keep the existent terminology.[3] Their official currency is the euro.


As one of the four world powers, the Legitimacy Kingdom has a powerful army filled with state of the art Objects. While their roles in the battlefield ruled by Objects have diminished a lot, they still possess an air force and navy. Their army also includes UAVs and powered suits.

There are several paths for a Legitimacy Kingdom's citizen to join the army:

  • The first and more common would be to attend a military academy for 1 year.[7]
  • The second would be to take a 6-month training course, which most people need to repeat at least twice before passing, with people like Heivia Winchell who pass it on their first try being quite rare.[7][8]
  • The third is joining the military academy's special courses for officers, where you are a second lieutenant as soon as you graduate. Both nobles and commoners can join these courses, but once again the Legitimacy Kingdom's core principles shine through: Once you get up to the generals, one finds almost nothing but nobles; while a commoner can make it as far as brigadier general if they work hard.[7]
  • The fourth is exclusive to civilian students whose goal is to finish their studies quickly in the field, who join the military as battlefield students (戦地派遣留学生 Senchi haken ryūgakusei). Successful battlefield students are highly praised in the Legitimacy Kingdom because of all the barriers in their way. Since they don’t undergo the training of a soldier, they apparently start dropping like flies due to battlefield sicknesses and overwork.[8] They are still technically civilians who have not undergone military training, so they are not authorized to carry military firearms,[9] but in exchange, they are outside of the Black Uniforms' jurisdiction.[10] They normally perform support roles inside the military like Quenser Barbotage, who works as an Object mechanic and combat engineer.[11]

The minimum military service is of 3 years,[8] and foot soldiers receive a monthly salary of 2000 euros.[12]

Their Object codenames are a few English words normally describing the Object's functionality.

The Legitimacy Kingdom treats their own Elites like patriotic heroes and rallies support from the people by spreading doubtful stories about them being part of legendary bloodlines that stretch hundreds of years into the past.[13]

A unique feature of the Legitimacy Kingdom's military are the people known as Black Uniforms (黒軍服 Kuro Gunpuku). They are agents coming from an independent agency at the center of the military that are in charge of barrier duty and enforcing military regulations.


The Legitimacy Kingdom has made research on AIs to create unmanned Objects, but their attempts were unsuccessful. The failures and problems of AIs recorded on their tests can be freely accessed on the Angelina List (アンジェリナ・リスト Anjerina Risuto), a paper available on their public database.[14]

The Legitimacy Kingdom also has a space program which includes several villas on the moon used by the richer nobles and at least one space elevator under construction in the Amazon District. Their space elevators use laser technology because the other option, mass driver technology, is the specialty of an enemy faction, the Capitalist Corporations.[15] They also have a satellite network. They have a great advantage in coverage on the North Pole, but they don't have a single satellite on the South Pole.[9]


The Legitimacy Kingdom's territory is not a result of natural frontiers, but a result of the failure and collapse of the United Nations in the first half of the 21st century. They possess territories in several continents. Their most important territory, their home country, is the Normandy District. It is considered the most powerful of all safe countries.[2]

List of Known TerritoriesEdit

Characters from the Legitimacy KingdomEdit

Legitimacy Kingdom ObjectsEdit

Name Pilot Codenames Status Notes
Baby Magnum Milinda Brantini N/A Active First-generation, Composite Multi-Role Object
Bright Hopper Halreed Copacabana N/A Destroyed Second-generation
Forest Roller N/A N/A Active Second-generation
Indigo Plasma Prizewell City Slicker Lily Maria (CC) Destroyed Second-generation
Active Sledge Female Elite N/A Destroyed Second-generation[16]
Snow Quake Female Elite N/A Destroyed Second-generation[17]
Speed Killer N/A N/A Active
Escalibor N/A N/A Active Designer stationed on Cook Islands.
Assault Signal Excelsyla N/A Inactive First Object designed by Claire Whist.
Slide Lance N/A N/A Active Designer stationed on Cook Islands.
Active Shield N/A N/A Active Designer stationed on Cook Islands.
Broad Sky Saber Dimiksy Nikolaschka N/A Destroyed Second-generation. Rumored third-generation
Save the Logistics N/A N/A Active Second-generation
Royal Residence N/A N/A Active Second-generation
Oceanic Driver N/A N/A Destroyed Second-generation
Plasma Horn N/A N/A Destroyed Second-generation
Crystal Scrying N/A N/A Destroyed Second-generation


  • As with the other world powers, the Legitimacy Kingdom is associated with a color and makes use of it in various areas (such as uniforms), the color in this case being blue.


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