Erie Greenhat
Name in Japanese エリエ=グリーンハット
Rōmaji Translation Erie Gurīnhatto
» Media Appearances
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 5
» Personal Info
Gender Female
Age Late teens[1]
Classification Civilian athlete
Affiliation/s Information Alliance
Status Active

Erie Greenhat (エリエ=グリーンハット Erie Gurīnhatto) is an Information Alliance athlete competing in the Technopics.[2]


A Green Hat is a cocktail comprised of gin and green chartreuse.


During the Technopics, Erie wore a standard running outfit with a separate top and bottom, with a partially exposed midriff.[1]


Not much is known about Erie's background, other than that she is a civilian from the Information Alliance's Chesapeake District.[3] She had a contract with Catwalk TV to document her efforts during her participation in the Technopics.[4] At the time of the Technopics, her autograph was apparently valuable [5]


Purge of TechnopicsEdit

During the first day of the Technopics' shootathlon, Erie finished the first stage of the event in first place. After the event, she was attacked by a group from the Legitimacy Kingdom whose athlete has finished 13th.[3] She was shot during the attack but saved by Mariydi Whitewitch who helped defeat the attackers and then directed Erie's bodyguards to the blood taken for the delayed transfusion which could be used to replace the blood lost in the attack.[1]

Due to the injuries, she was forced to withdraw from the competition, with Catwalk TV planning to follow her recovery as well as the progress of her savior Mariydi.[4]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

The exact extent of Erie's skills isn't known, but they were sufficient to be able to finish the first stage of the shootathlon in first place.[3]